State of Confusion is a project that develops between two criteria, the apparent acceleration in the speed of life and the frivolity that comes as a consequence of this.To have an accurate vision of any event is not very probable in actuality, for what happens is quickly absorbed, processed and transformed by a strange relationship between pragmatism (time) and delirium (success). The cult of instincts, passions and iniquity are amplified infinitely as the individual ceases to be and recognizes a false reality; unconsciously led back to the time when he felt safe living in hordes betting on magic as a response to their fears.

 The dictionary defines frivolous as light, fickle and unsubstantial, but our time may give way to a more complex connotation. Frivolity is to have a table of inequality or inverted values, ​​where form matters more than content, appearance more than essence.  


 ....I believe that arts is always an intimate reflexion about our self and the relationship between us and our environment , no matter what the topic is, in every piece that we make is always something personal , something private .In my opinion arts belong to that part of the life that can't not be understandable, that can't not be probe ,event when in one way or another always respond to reality .

Since I was very young I found in some books of Hermann Hesse a must clear idea  how to understand many aspects of life, the worst and the best concepts are part of the existence and distinguish them is one of the most important things. Hopefulness is one of the things I always found it in these books, once you know the worst part, you must start again, you may not find the best part, but it will make you better.