The Game

An object, created by the hand of men in order to satisfy "human needs": a chair, a table, a frame. Pieces of stories that seem overlooked and forgotten, obtain body and form to be used. Absent of sentimentalism, materials transformed into nothing, emptiness of an object to be consumed.

Wood, precious matter which embraces life itself, reshaped into something worn; ephemeral and limited in time, subject to the speed of modern life; a simple system to fill the hollowness that does not find any permanence in anything.

This is a work of redemption, of resurrection and of relapse to the essence. In the whim of calling them "stuff", and the will to push spirituality into the dead veins of discarded furniture, they become pieces that through aesthetics return to the beginning of the cycle of life.

They appear pure and fragile, waiting to be accepted or perhaps just flirting around, embracing the perpetual space and the idea of a second chance. They come alive at will and unfold arms, legs and faces excited to express and to belong to the world.

The Game

Art Districts Magazine

With this collection of works, this extraordinary and multifaceted artist demonstrates his undeniable ability to analyze reality, delve into the essence of things and immortalize his observations of the world in visual metaphors.